Indulge in Darkness with the Chamber Guardians: 'Just Like the Horror Movies' Glow in the the Dark Coffin-Shaped Sticker

from Licorice Chamber

Get ready for an exclusive promo that will transport you into a world of dark enchantment with the release of the music video, "Just Like the Horror Movies." As a special treat, we are proud to present the Chamber Guardians (Raven skull) in all their haunting glory. And to make this occasion truly unforgettable, we are offering a limited-edition glow in the dark coffin-shaped sticker, measuring approximately 3" x 2".

Prepare to be captivated by the ethereal glow of our photoluminescent stickers, crafted with top-of-the-line vinyl material that emits an enchanting radiance in the darkness. These stickers possess a remarkable afterglow that can last an astonishing 5-8 hours once the lights go out, allowing you to immerse yourself in their mystical allure.

The phosphorescent film maintains its spellbinding glow even after repeated use. Furthermore, their recyclable liner adds an extra touch of sustainability to this enchanting experience.

Stay tuned for the anticipated release date of the "Just Like the Horror Movies" music video. The original art and design, crafted by the talented Layla Reyna, promise to transport you to a world where dreams and nightmares intertwine. Prepare to be bewitched by this captivating journey into the unknown.

Place your order now and enhance your belongings with this exclusive piece of art. XO

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Licorice Chamber Seattle, Washington

Licorice Chamber is the solo moniker of Layla Reyna: Musician, Graphic Designer and Illustrator, best known as lead singer for Strap On Halo (2008-2021).

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